One on One Football Coaching Sessions | Testimonials


Travis Marsham


My daughter (12yrs) has completed a number of sessions with Travis (Marsham) over the mid season break and WOW! Wow is what her coach and the other parents said at the first game back, and Wow is how I feel about the whole process. Travis started by getting to know Kyah and what she wants from football, he then communicated to her what she has to do using terms and an approach that she understands. As a parent being able to see that Travis cares about my child and the process she is going through is as important as seeing the results, and the results we can see are amazing. Not only have her skills improved out of site, she knows and understands why they have improved and why it was necessary to make the adjustments, and her confidence has soared. Thanks Travis! I cannot sing your praises loudly enough or to enough people to justify how happy I am with the one on one sessions. I will definitely be directing other players to the platform.

- Kelly, Parent


Macklin has had three one on one sessions with Travis (Marsham) and he was rapt with what he has learned from even his very first session. He wanted to tweak a few things with his kicking and Travis' video coaching has ironed out those little adjustments already. The main improvements have been with his confidence. Hearing positive feedback about aspects of Macklin's skills has really helped him to enjoy playing the game again. Thank you Andrew (Raines) for setting up this valuable one on one coaching experience; we have booked another 3 sessions to work on a few more skill areas.

- Craig, Parent

Ryan Davis


I couldn't recommend Ryan (Davis) any higher, I got so much out of just 1 session! The one on one coaching is just what I needed. I am looking forward to my next session with him

- Cooper, 15

Mark Williams

First Experience (24 year-old draft prospect)

Mark provided 4 main points of value in our first session 1. Brutally honest in feedback 2. Simplifies and breaks down developing skill and game sense 3. Can teach the psychology of footy and how to use that to perform 4. Gave at advice and drills as homework to get better between sessions. 100% recommend to any footballer who is serious about their footy development.

- Matthew, 24

Brent Moloney


Brent (Moloney) is a great coach. He is very experienced and communicated well with our 14 year old. He was really impressed with his session and is looking forward to many more

- Andrea, Parent

Simon Black


I highly recommend one on one training session with Simon Black. My son and his mate (2on1 session) enjoyed every second and came away with so much more knowledge and information. It was such a great experience for them and he is really lovely guy. Looking forward to more for the boys.

- Angelique, Parent

Clint Watts


My 13-year-old son needed to work on his kicking skills. After finding One on One online straight away booked a session with Clint Watts. Clint was very knowledgeable, professional and always positive. We have booked 3 more sessions and I can't recommend this platform and the coaches highly enough.

- Chris, Parent

Craig Bird


My son had his first one on one session with Craig Bird, last Saturday. Leading up to the day he was excited and determined to take all that he could from the training. The session certainly didn't disappoint as he felt engaged right from the start. The fact that my son admires him and his achievements also meant it was easy for him to learn from him. I have booked 10 sessions as I can already see this will be a very motivating and rewarding experience. I would highly recommend Craig.

- Holly, Parent

Andrew Swallow


My session with Andrew was great and I can't wait for the next one. I was taught many valuable skills just in one session tat I feel I wouldn't have learnt anywhere else. My kick was broken down to find out the flaws in my technique and was analysed and I was given tips to improve and my kicking improved instantly. Having an ex-professional like Andrew gave me a great insight to what afl tems are looking for which is very valuable.

- Conall, 16

Mark Williams


The reason we booked the session with Mark was to improve and develop our son as a footballer. Mark showed genuine care and desire to make our son a better footballer, his honest feedback and teachings of the game lead my son to say that he learnt more about football in that one-hour session than he had previously. Mark's ability to see the weaknesses in our son and provide solutions, homework and then offer further feedback during the week was exceptional. We can see the reason why this man has had so much success. The imparted skill and words of wisdom he delivered in an honest fashion was exactly what we required.

- Sam Heenan

Brett Deledio


Wil loves his training sessions with Brett. He always walks away with a smile on his face, learning something new and having a great time. Brett is an excellent coach, very personable, a fantastic communicator with so much football knowledge and makes each session fun and enjoyable. Thanks so much for the effort you put in Brett.

- Wil Antrobus

Andrew Swallow


My session with Andrew was great and I can’t wait for the next one, I was taught many valuable skills just in one session that I feel I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else. My kick was broken down to find out the flaws in my technique and was analysed and I was given tips to improve and my kicking improved instantly. Having an ex-professional like Andrew gave me a great insight to what afl teams are looking for which is very valuable.

- Conall Barrett

Simon Black


Simon and I had a session which focussed on kicking and marking. Beforehand, Simon asked what I wanted the sessions focus to be and, on the day, he looked at my technique and gave me some priceless information about things to work on/insights and tips which I need to practise. I still can’t believe I was able to have a 1-1 session with Simon Black! He was patient, listened and provided so much knowledge. Can’t wait for the next one.

- Archie Baker

Daniel Menzel


Can’t speak highly enough of what Daniel brings to the table in regards to football knowledge and professionalism. He’s a great mentor/teacher who can relate well to any age player at any skill level.

- Braedyn Hasiuk

Josh Green


I organised this session for my 13 yr old son (Hudson) to allow him the opportunity to trial the merits of one on one training. As my son is still growing I felt it’s so important to develop and refine his skills both physically and mentally. I feel, along with my son, that Josh has offered a great first session. Josh has assessed my son quickly and observed his abilities, providing Hudson with feedback and good guidance. I would highly recommend Josh to parents or younger players seeking the merits of AFL personalised training. Regards Daniel and Hudson.

- Hudson Semple

Ashley McGrath


Ash is very relatable and communicated very well with my son on what skill improvements can be made and how they can be practically applied to his game. What was so good about Ash is the encouragement and tips he gave when going through the drills. He assessed and gave feedback in the moment so my son was able to understand what was being said and learn from it. Thanks Ash, we will be booking more sessions.

- Ricardo Holder

Steven Withers


Steven has taken my 11-year-old son for some One on One coaching, and I am really impressed by the way in which he explains aspects of the game and technique to him. He ensures his messages are well received and clearly understood. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone (age and ability) wanting to develop any aspect of their game.

- Max Telford

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