Why Parents Should Encourage Kids to Try Football Training
Posted on 20/05/2020

Sport is a great way of keeping a child’s physical and mental state healthy. Consistent practice of mind and body coordination can go a long way to ensuring this. Nowadays, most youngsters are glued to their electronic devices, barely moving a muscle for hours on end. With the increasing rate of inactive children, we observe an increased risk of obesity, promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Did you know that obesity in children can lead to many health issues such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic diseases, and so much more, even at their young age? One method to keep your children physically and mentally fit is to enrol them in football training.

Why Football?

All sports have their benefits but football (one of the most popular sports in Australia: with an estimated participation rate of 1.43 million players, nation wide) can be a great way for children to socialise wherever they go!

Since football is the most-watched sport in Australia, sponsorships and scholarships for football players are in demand. But only those with a special set of skills will make it to this level. Luckily these skills can be trained!

Why Enrol Your Child to a Football Training? 

  • Being active can promote better blood circulation, improves the cardiovascular system, enhance hand-eye coordination, and increase physical strength. 
  • Children who learn sports can also learn discipline. They can also discover intersocial skills, comradeship and leadership 
  • Learn how to deal with failures - losing matches in sports is inevitable, but with losing comes the learning process of how to keep trying and to never quit. 
  • Football teaches players how to be responsible such as balancing academics and sports, accountable for their given roles and their teammates.

Enrol your child at One on One Football. We provide advanced football training techniques guided by some of Australia’s best and experienced football players and coaches. Our online platform makes it efficient to look for certified coaches, with less hassle. Find a coach today at https://www.oneononefootball.com.au/.

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