Why have our coaches set their own prices
Posted on 16/11/2018

At One On One our coaches have a vast amount of experience. Based on the different levels of experience this is why each coach can set their own prices on how much they cost per session.


We do give the coaches are pricing recommendation and they must factor in our administration fee.


At this point in time we are also adding a 4% surcharge for the footballers due to the managing and use of our payment system online. We will look to review this shorty and hopefully find a way to lower the surcharge.


Each session price for a coach is based off a 1hr session. We feel the hour sessions are the right amount of time to complete a skills session.


Our group pricing caters from 2 to 6 players. At this stage we can't split the costs on payment. We like the option of adding group sessions to make it affordable for some footballers and to also add the extra element of group football training which complements one on one work.


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