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Why all of our coaches are AFL accredited...
Posted on 24/08/2018

The importance of AFL coaching accreditation is critical to our success at One on One Football. This guarantees that our coaches have done the appropriate training and education process in AFL coaching. For us to provide this service we want every footballer to be assured that each coach has an industry recognised level of education. 

The AFL Coaching Accreditation has traditionally been divided into levels of accreditation. From Level 1 to Level 4.

Level 1 is the foundation course and any coach can apply to do this course.


Level 2 is where coaches attend a two-day course in their state/territory. Guests presenters present at their courses which give invaluable insight to the coaches. After the two days, each coach must complete further modules throughout the year to gain accreditation. These modules include devising training plans and schedules, recording of coaching hours and an assignment based on readings from legendary coaches around the world.


Level 3 (High Performance Course) is an invite only course and is usually broken up into two weeks in Melbourne. Keynote speakers, game based scenarios, live training sessions are all including in this course. The invites are usually open to state level coaches or current AFL coaches employed at AFL clubs.


Level 4 is the highest level of coaching and is based on coaches who are earmarked to be a senior AFL coach. This course takes 12 months to complete with regular summits, field studies and international travel to see various sports around the globe and the associated coaching strategies.


At One On One all of our coaches have a minimum level 2 coaching accreditation or are in the process of gaining this level. If a coach has played or be involved at AFL level Level 1 is enough to gain approval on the platform. We have a mix across all levels from Level 2 to Level 3.

Like any industry we have identified that the appropriate education level and experience is needed to become a reputable and authentic service. We guarantee that our coaches can teach the basic fundamentals of our game whilst imparting their knowledge from their individual experiences of coaching or playing to the footballer. 

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