The Role of Mindfulness Training in Online Training Programs for Footy
Posted on 17/11/2020

With the AFL Premiership less than a week away, Richmond and Geelong fans are ‘champing at the bit’ to see who gets to lift the AFL Silver Premiership Cup this year. This year’s AFL Premiership has fans of West Coast, St. Kilda, Collingwood, Port Adelaide, and Brisbane in tears for coming so near, and falling short. For many potential footy players in the minor leagues, with Aussie Football in full swing once again, the time has come to bring out the boots start practising once again. Aside from the usual drills taken from online AFL programs, you can practice Mental Mindfulness using online training programs provided by One On One Football.

The essence of mindfulness

Since we’ve mentioned the Richmond Tigers, this is one team that knows the essence of mindfulness in all games. Before 2015, the Richmond team was in a downfall. All their seasons weren’t going well. The team seemed to lack confidence and were always mentally struggling to maintain peak performance even for games they won, and they weren’t winning that many.
No matter how much the players exercised and drilled, they couldn’t understand why they were all falling short, performance-wise. Then, one of their players saw some articles online about ‘Mindfulness Training’ that some NFL teams (American football) were doing, and were winning more games because of it.
The team hired a mindfulness and awareness trainer to create a mindfulness training session and drills to be included in their training camp. Did it work? Richmond won two premierships in 2017 and 2019 and was in the preliminaries in 2016 and 2018.

What does ‘mindfulness’ do, exactly?

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re probably familiar with this phrase from Jedi Master Yoda: “Be mindful of your surroundings.” That is the basic premise of mindfulness and awareness. Players need to focus totally on the game, to “be mindful” of the surroundings of the game. Mindfulness means focusing on the game despite 100,000 screaming fans in the stadium. It means staying focused on the game even after being yelled and insulted by opposing players, and pushed and clawed at for good measure. 
In a game, if a player’s attention goes to the crowd or the score or the recent mistake made, then that will affect a player’s physical output. 

Mindfulness Movement Training by One On One Football

Part of the series of online training programs by One On One Football is the Mindfulness Movement Training. It is a program designed by expert mindfulness and movement coach Indianna Franke, a qualified sports physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. You will hear her voice in all the training videos as she goes breathing, movement, and flexibility sessions. All you need to do is register to login to view the price of the program. And when you visit One On One Football at, you can also view their other training programs on strength, running, skills, and warm-ups. 

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