The Importance of Strength Training for AFL Training Drills
Posted on 17/07/2020

There is no individual exercise by itself that is superior as strength training. What is more important is how exercises in strength training are incorporated into an overall program, such as for training programs similar to AFL training drills. Whatever type of strength training is adopted, it is how they are done, and how they are adapted to such modern programs as One on One Football Online Training Programs. These are training courses similar to online AFL training sessions but made for individual or paired training. 


Online Strength Training

One on One Football has come up with online training programs designed by accredited AFL coaches to meet the demands of today’s social distancing and health safety precautions. The training videos are also designed to meet the needs of beginners who want to learn about Aussie rules football playing or for amateur or professional players who want to stay fit or keep their playing skills in top shape during this period when all sports activities have been put on hold. 


Strength Training is a six-week training course at three days per week. The training videos are hosted by High-Performance Specialist, Harry Simington. Each video tackles a specific strength training session for that day. It also shows how many sets and repetitions or seconds must be held while doing that particular exercise.


For example, on Day 1 of Week 1, the following exercises must be performed:

  • Kneeling Hip Lock

  • Squat Jumps

  • Contralateral Plank 1

  • YTW for Shoulders

  • Glute Bridge

  • Wall Push Deadbugs

  • Bulgarian Ankle Taps


Importance of Strength Training

In Aussie football, strength training is important as a vital preparation to build up physical parameters such as power, speed, and agility. All these are built on a foundation of strength. The player cannot have genuine improvement unless there is an improvement in functional strength.


However, along with Strength Training, other training courses are also essential such as running-based training and skills training. This is why One on One Football has also designed online training programs for Running Training and Skills Training. 


One on One Football

One on One Football is an online platform dedicated to providing one on one or group training sessions exclusively for Australian Rules football. Only coaches with AFL Coaching accreditation are worthy and allowed to offer their services as coaches for this site. This means that whether footballers choose the one on one or group sessions or choose the AFL training drills on the online training programs, everyone can be confident that they are getting high-quality coaching. For more on this and other details, visit the One on One Football website,

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