Teaching Australian Football Rucking as a Private Coach
Posted on 19/08/2019

If you’re planning to get a private coach for Australian football to take your match to the next level, the best way to search for a personal coach is through One on One football. Their coaches all have legitimate AFL coaching accreditation.


When you have decided to have private football coaching, one of the things your private coach will teach or improve on you is the art of rucking.


For the uninitiated, rucking is the art of contesting the ball at centre bounces and stoppages for boundary throw-ins and ball-ups and tapping or hitting the ball in the direction of teammates. Players assigned to rucking are called ruckmen, or ruckwomen. The ruckman – usually the tallest and most athletic player – is one of the most critical players on the field.


In private football coaching, the aim is always to develop the player irrespective of their playing ability. Thus, the best development to start a player is to teach the skills necessary to be a ruckman. This is most effective, especially when coaching children or young teens since they could develop physically in height later on.


During training, a private coach can set up simple drills for a player for solo rucking. The drills will focus on using both hands, individual hands, and how to tap or palm in different directions. At the next stage, the player can join others in group training and practice rucking with two other players, the players taking turns throwing the ball up. In another drill, the coach does the centre bounce-up while three or four players act as ruckmen.


The coach also teaches the player how to jump for the ball while protecting against injury caused by knees coming up for the jumping action. An under-rated skill for Rucks. 


The dimension in rucking, aside from jumping as high as the player can and extending the arm/s as high as possible, is about how to hit the ball and where to hit the ball, learning always to be aware where teammates are for the tapping.


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