Staying and Keeping Fit in the Off-Season Using Online Training Programs
Posted on 26/11/2020

Another regular season of Aussie Rules football is done, and it’s going to be around four months in the off-season before training camps, and pre-season games begin again. Every footy player knows that even before the weather starts to get cooler, you need to get in shape and stay fit for the next season. You can stay and keep fit during the off-season using online AFL programs, or you can level up and use specific online training programs provided by One on One Football.

Importance of staying fit in the off-season

Players know that physical performance such as speed, strength, and endurance all determine individual and team success so long as players are fit and have a high level of cardio endurance. Staying fit and in shape during the off-season means having an organised plan. Heading out to the gym or just running every other day at the park only invites mediocrity in your physical performance. This mediocrity only invites repeating the same training content over and over again, and this training habit will lead nowhere.

The keys to optimising off-season fitness

  • Intensity – training in mediocre or low intensities will not stimulate the body to perform well. Likewise, care must be taken not to overdo in this aspect as the off-season months are in summer, and this may lead to staleness, dehydration, and even injury.

  • Specificity – train fast to be fast.

  • Variety – varying exercise types, intensity, and volume provide the body continued stimulus to adapt.

  • Consistency – exercise consistency reduces sudden physical fluctuation during periods of rest in the off-season months.

To fully optimise proper fitness and staying in shape during the off-season, it is recommended to enrol in one-on-one training sessions or take up online training programs like those created by One on One Football and their team of accredited AFL coaches.

One on One Football Online Training Programs

One on One Football is an online platform that connects accredited AFL coaches with footballers for private coaching sessions or through online training programs created by said accredited coaches. For the off-season, register for the Strength Training Program or Running Training Program. Each online training program contains detailed instructions with video demonstrations. Though the training focuses on strength and running, you will find variety in the training, with a specific physical focus for each week over a period of six weeks. Start staying fit in the off-season by registering for online training programs prepared by One on One Football. View the training programs at

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