Responsibilities of a Private Football Coach
Posted on 29/05/2019

For private football coaches to be successful at mentoring young footballers, there are responsibilities that need to be severely met and followed. These responsibilities are of the utmost importance for all coaches since all of their wards are very young footballers who are either pre-teens or are at the high school level.


Industry Accredited

The most important responsibility that private football coaches should meet is having an AFL coaching accreditation. This is the highest requirement for all football coaches at One on One Football. This guarantees that all coaches have met the required coaching training and education responsibilities for AFL coaching. The meeting of this responsibility assures every young footballer that their private football coaching is fully industry recognised.


Taking Responsibility

Adult coaches must realise that their wards under training are very young boys and girls, some not even in their teens. Therefore, these coaches need to take full responsibility for their actions and to set themselves as a teacher and role model at the same time.

  • Good appearance and role model - Being neat and tidy and having a pleasant appearance means excellent professionalism. This gains trust and respect. As a role model, the coaches must be good at what they do, how they teach, and the methods they employ for private football coaching.

  • Good teacher - Coaches should be good at how they teach everything about football, including the training drills. They need to make sure that the footballers are learning and improving their skills, and not getting stagnant. They should know how to give precise and clear instructions and to demonstrate these instructions physically.

  • Punctuality - Professional football coaches should arrive early before training sessions. No time must be wasted and all training objectives and courses will be done smoothly. Any training delays mean wasted time for the footballers.


Proper Knowledge

Football coaches must know everything about Footy even in their sleep. This includes the game’s rules, history, equipment, training drills, fitness drills, proper diet, first aid for injuries, and the psychology of handling players and of winning.


You can easily hire an AFL accredited coach in your own state. Give One on One Football a call, message them on social media or email them, or visit their site first,, before making inquiries.

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