Private Coaching In Addition to Team Training
Posted on 27/05/2020

Private coaching + team training = FULL POTENTIAL!

As team/squad training slowly comes back, individual coaching has never been more relevant. Those who have been experienced One on One Football first hand would agree that no player gets the type of concentrated coaching, in group environments that our coaches offer. 

Our greatest success stories have come from the most consistent footballers: weekly or fortnightly sessions, working to compound training adaptations, and embed new skills in their footballing toolbox.

Individual coaching and skill development gives footballers the opportunity to work on the aspects of the game that need development, and further enhance their strengths as a footballer. This is the perfect way to compliment group training and leaves you far better equipped to tackle drills in the team/group setting.

PRO TIP: Write out all your training commitments in a table (example below)!

Here at One on One Football, we understand the importance of monitoring training loads to optimize performance on gameday AND reduce injury risk along the way. So how can we do this?

1. Mid-Week Rest

By allowing yourself a mid-week rest day (See Wednesday, PM below), your body gets a chance to recuperate and prepare for the rest of the week, including game day. Try to include some light activities (e.g. walking the dog, foam rolling, stretching)

2. Friday "Primer" Session 

We encourage a light session, the day before a match as a rehearsal for the game (See Friday, PM below). These primer sessions should be low in load (i.e. not too much running) but high in "coordinative challenge" (i.e. working on technical skills). These are best done under the eye of your private coach as they can help you put in place a plan of attack for the game. At the end of your primer session, sit down and write some personal and team objectives. Now you're good to go!



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