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Prep-to-Play Online Training Programs for Female Players (Part 1)
Posted on 02/03/2022

Prep-to-Play is a program for women and girls who play Australian Football, especially at the community level. The program is meant to enhance performance and reduce injury. Prep-to-Play resources such as handouts, videos, and online training programs – including AFL strength online programs – are formulated by experts in sports medicine and coaching to provide additional support for coaches of female players at all levels to improve football skills, performance, and reduce injuries.

All videos, handouts, and online training programs will help coaches and trainers plan training sessions while serving as educational tools for players. The resources demonstrate good and poor techniques with pictures and videos, and provide verbal cues and progressive drills for coaches.

Collaborative work

Aside from collaborating with professional sports coaches and medical experts, most of the content in Prep-to-Play was developed as a collaborative project between the AFL and La Trobe University. The content was verified by the best available evidence and expert opinions by medical staff, coaches, and even players. The mainstay of the program is to reduce the risk of injuries for female players. 

Focusing on reducing serious injuries to the knees and head

How does the Prep-to-Play program work on this?

  • The program focuses on activities on improving muscle function for players and quality of movement during changes of directions and landings.

  • Focusing on improving safe execution of ground balls, aerial contests for the ball, tackling, and being tackled.

Performing injury reduction programs

The importance of all women and girls to perform injury reduction activities cannot be stressed enough. This is because, in ALL sports, women have a five times greater risk of serious knee and head injury compared to males. In fact:

  • AFLW players have almost ten times greater risk of sustaining an ACL injury compared to their counterparts in the AFL.

  • Women have a 70-80% higher risk of head injuries and concussions during tackling or being tackled, ground balls, and aerial contests.

  • 70-80% of ACL injuries for women occur in non-contact positions when landing on one leg, changing direction, or decelerating.

One on One Football

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