Playing Football in Wet Weather
Posted on 18/07/2019

When a footy ground is under wet conditions due to wet weather, this changes everything on how a player approaches the game. Foremost, the wet weather means that kicking the ball accurately becomes more difficult, and a player’s skill is tested to the limit. And when rain is falling, basic kicking and passing the ball will need more concentration.


In wet conditions, the ball is wet and slippery, so it becomes harder just to pick up the ball. When picking up the ball, the top hand now precedes the ball, helping it into the lower hand and sealing the ball in a grip. If the player has trouble grabbing the ball, it should be soccer-kicked or knocked forward by hand.


One of the great and exciting things to see in Australian Football is to watch a player running and bouncing the ball every 15 metres up the ground. In wet conditions, when the ball is bounced on the ground, the ball will just slide forward, or if it hits a puddle of water, it will just plop and not bounce. Thus, a player running with the ball needs to touch the ground with it. One must realise that this raises the danger that chasing players have a chance to catch up since it slows down the running ball-carrying player. So, the best opportunity here is to keep passing the ball or kicking for short-distance marks.


Wet conditions will also certainly affect marking the ball, especially with high marks. The ball will tend to slip from the hands. A wet ball is also heavier, so a player needs to soften the hands and arms as the ball comes in contact in order to absorb the force of the ball and prevent it from bouncing away from the player’s grasp.


For spoiling, on a wet day, the damp ball means that it will not travel as far. Likewise, a wet ball will not go far when kicked or handballed. Players need to adjust their positions as the ball is delivered to make allowance for this.


Keep your feet! Always choose the appropriate footwear in the wet. Either long mouled boots or screw in studs.

If you fall over in football, you are useless in the contest. You need to be able to stay on your feet and not fall over. This is a controllable area to your game and something that must be in the forefront of your mind when preparing to play in the wet. 


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