Online Training Programs with Pre-Game Warm-up Drills
Posted on 18/09/2020

With more of the country and economy opening up and lockdowns easing off, the Australian Football League (AFL) is now in full swing on its 12th week of games. Whether you’re a semi-professional or novice player, now is the time to start training again for your upcoming footy games. Of course, before doing any training, be sure to do your pre-game warm-up drills, like those you see on online AFL programs. But for more personalised warm-up drills, you can find them on online training programs provided by One on One Football.

Importance of pre-game warm-ups

Before performing even the most regular footy drills, it is crucial to prepare the body by performing appropriate warm-ups. Warming up drills prepares the body for heavier performance and exercise and helps decrease the risk of injury in that session. Warm-ups should be done before any exercise session, be it before gym workouts, training sessions, or before game time. 

Basically, warm-up drills:

  • Enhance football performance – it prepares the body (muscles, nerves, brain) for physicality and prepares the mind and athlete psychologically.

  • Prevents injuries from occurring – warm-ups focus on the most important aspect of the game: The health of players. 

Warm-up drills is not a separate component

Many coaches make the mistake of separating skills and fitness in warm-up drills. The goal of coaching and training is to make players better footballers, and this includes warm-ups. Players get better at playing footy by playing more footy.

The game of Australian football involves extended periods of running at a range of intensities such as sprinting and jogging. This is interspersed with sudden movements of jumping and rapid changes of direction, not to mention close physical contact and kicking of the footy. To get the body prepared, you need to have these.

Basic warm-up drills:

  • 2 or 3 laps around the oval at a slow run, to include running sideways, backwards, lifting knees up, and kicking heels back.

  • At least 10 minutes of dynamic and static stretching.

  • Short to maximum sprints.

  • Zigzag runs.

  • Footy drills such as handball drills, tackling, kick and marking, and goal kicking.

One on One Football

One on One Football is an online platform that connects accredited AFL coaches with footballers for private one-on-one or group sessions. We also offer online training programs in video instruction format. You only need to register and log-in to purchase our training courses on strength, running, skills, or choose joint packages. And after purchasing any training course, you get a BONUS Warm-up program for FREE. Visit the One on One Football website at for your online training program with warm-up drills.

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