Online Training Programs: Why is Running Training Important in Aussie Rules?
Posted on 18/08/2020

Becoming a better Aussie Rules footy player isn’t all about playing more football. You can improve your game by improving your overall athleticism. To achieve this, you need to run well. Running is the basic building block for all human movement; the more efficiently you run, the faster and longer you can run, the faster you can change direction, and the more mental energy  you have to focus on the game. Whether you’re a U18 athlete preparing for the combine, or a local league or school player wanting to climb up the next level, you can bolster your training with One on One Football online programs, prepared by qualified and accredited AFL coaches.

Aussie Rules has high physical demands

Running fitness is a critical component of fitness for football at ALL LEVELS. No matter if you’re playing for your local school or in the AFL, the average football player runs over 10km during the duration of a 100-plus minute game. Running is also crucial in chasing the ball or having the agility and reaction time to evade opposing players. Speed means acceleration when breaking away or making sprints for a lead. Running also strengthens the leg muscles and will improve jumping ability and overhead marking.

Improved running means faster, stronger and more explosive football.

While running speed and distance is important, it means nothing if you’re not running EFFICIENTLY. Being successful at school, in a league, or the AFL is not just being fast, but being able to repeat those bursts of energy for the entire game, especially in the 4th quarter during a close match. 

To improve your speed, coordination, agility, and work capacity, consider going for One on One Football Running Training.

One on One Football

One on One Football is an online site that connects accredited AFL coaches with footballers of all levels for private coaching sessions. These training sessions can be tailored for one on one sessions, group sessions, or availing of the various Online Training Programs available such as the Running Training Program. For exclusive Australian Football personalised training, go to the One on One Football website today at

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