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Online Training Programs: The Benefits of Aussie Rules Football for Kids Struggling with Their Mental Health
Posted on 02/02/2022

AFL: The Perfect Sport for Kids with Special Needs

The Australian Football League (AFL) is famous for its high-contact, high-speed game. It's also notorious for its physical contact that has resulted in increased attention to player safety. But research shows that the AFL has a positive impact on players' mental health and well-being through various benefits. This is why there are one-on-one coaching, online training programs, and even mindfulness movement football training to improve not only skills but also mental stability.

How Aussie Rules Football Can Help Tackle Mental Health Issues in Kids

AFL is a sport that is fast-paced and has many different skills. These skills involve kicking, catching, tackling, and running, to name a few. Players can practise as many skills as possible so the AFL improves mental health in kids because it encourages them to be active and to work collaboratively with others. The benefits of this type of sport do not stop there.

Increases Physical Activity

The increasing physical activity of playing AFL also plays a part in stable mental health. Of course, because it’s a team sport, physical activity goes hand in hand with mental skills, with each player playing their mental and physical part. 

Improves Self Esteem

Playing in a team sport means a specific role for each player. Kids gain better self-esteem because of the increased confidence level. Also, self-esteem is improved because of the sense of belonging to the team.  

Promotes Positive Relationships with Others

Not only do the kids interact with each other and forge new friendships, but they also form relationships with adults such as the coaches, trainers, and team manager. The children might even form relationships with each other’s parents within the AFL club. 

Encourages Coping Skills for Dealing with Stressors

Kids today undergo more stress at school and other environments compared to past generations. Playing in the AFL will teach kids how to cope with challenges in life. Problem-solving skills are part of the learning process when playing football.

AFL and Mental Health Issues: How it Improves Lives and Tackles Problems

Creating a mentally healthy work and playing place has become the AFLs top priority, from its professional clubs down to the junior level. Mental health awareness has become everyone’s responsibility by focusing and taking action on the following:

  • Mental health de-stigmatisation and suicide prevention

The AFL is creating a culture that reduces stigma, promotes awareness and understanding of mental health, and encourages help-seeking behaviours.

  • Responding to equality, inclusivity, and diversity

Everyone is encouraged and educated to respect diversity and equality. It discourages discrimination and bullying, especially for the First Peoples of Australia.

  • Prevention of anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviours

The AFL prioritises the prevention of anxiety, depression, and addiction to alcohol, abusive substances, and gambling. It encourages mental health wellbeing and promotes mental fitness through physical activity. 

How One on One Football Can Help Kids

One on One Football offers one-on-one or group coaching for children that also includes online training programs. We understand the importance of players having access to professionals with the one on one ability to coach and improve their game while giving expert advice. For more information on what One on One Football can do for your children’s love of Australian football, register now at

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