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Online Training Programs: Recovery Nutrition for AFL Players
Posted on 27/05/2021

Australian Rules football places high physiological demands on the body and its energy reserves. Thus, nutrition needs to play a key factor in the body’s performance. So, whether doing one on one football training drills, training using online training programs, or simply being involved in rigorous weekly field training, a proper diet for players is essential. Aside from training and pre-game nutrition, recovery nutrition is also vital for any players’ body.

Recovery diet

An entire football game plays havoc on the body’s tissues and muscles, and depletes the body’s energy reserves. Therefore, a recovery diet in the form of a snack needs to be consumed 45-minutes to an hour after coming off the playing grounds. This recovery snack must be bulked up with protein. A fuller meal consumed after 1 or 2 hours of the game is also another alternative. This meal needs to bulk up on carbohydrates to restock on energy. It can also contain proteins to help in the recovery process of tissues and muscles.

Fluid replacement

Rehydration is also crucial after a game. It is essential to replace fluid losses, but not all at once. After a game, players can keep drinking fluids slowly, even up to an hour. Water is fine for most players, though some players still prefer sports drinks, liquid meal drinks, milk drinks, and even smoothies.

Post-game recovery snack

Protein is essential for a post-game recovery snack. Protein promotes muscle and tissue recovery. The snack can constitute a chicken or salad roll with white bread. Fruit, low-fat muffins, muesli bars, or dried fruit or almonds can also be alternatives.

Post-game recovery meal

An example of a post-match recovery meal:

  • Beef and vegetables with stir-fried noodles or rice.

  • Pasta with chicken or lean meat, tomato sauce, or a vegetable salad.

  • Vegetable or chicken risotto.

  • Grilled chicken with vegetables, potatoes, and pumpkin.

  • Home-made pizza using lean ham and low-fat cheese.

  • Soup with pasta or noodles, rice and meat, chicken, or legumes.

After the meal, it is just as vital to have a large drink, except for soda drinks. Or, fluids can be sipped regularly during the hours after the post-game meal.

One on One Football

Remember that it takes more than 24 hours for complete recovery to be achieved. Whether preparing for a pre-game, game day, or postgame diet, you can find nutrition suggestions in One on One Football’s online training programs. These programs and packages also include training sessions for running, strength, skills, warm-ups, and mindfulness movement. You only need to register at You can then review all the online training programs and packages and select what you need, either for one-on-one or small group training. Call us today.

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