One one One Football Training Drills for Australian Girls
Posted on 27/05/2020

Football is one of Australia’s favourite sports, and it’s also categorised as a type of activity that demands a high level of physical strength. More and more girls are starting to participate in football, with strong role models in the AFLW.


Covering 22% of the overall total of football players in Australia, women are deliberately taking their rightful spot in the field, and people are recognising their skills. For those who want their daughter to take part in the wonderful world of sports, Australian Football is a great path to take!


Girls in the Football Field

Why enrol your daughter into this challenging type of sport? Isn’t football too violent? What guidance do female footballers need? These are just a few of the many concerns parents have when they consider enrolling their daughters in a football program. But truth be told, any kind of sport, no matter how physical it may be, will have its share of risk vs reward. Which is why it is crucial for young ones to have good training habits, high motivation, and an excellent football coach to assist in mastering the sport while they are still young.


Football Training Drills for Young Australian Girls

Here are some basic drills/areas to work on, if your son/daughter is just starting out:


  • Handpassing to a stationary teammate 

  • Kicking to a stationary teammate

  • Chest marking


  • Handpasing to a moving teammate (aim in front of the body)

  • Kicking to a moving teammate (aim in front of the body)

  • Overhead Marking (arms extended)


Which Coach is Best for Your Child?

At One on One Football, we always make sure your kids develop skills through our football training drills assisted by expert football athletes. Get the best coaches and training techniques today by logging on to our website at You can also join our team by applying for as one of our credible coaches. Give us a call today.

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