One on One Football Remains Viable During COVID-19 with Online Training Programs
Posted on 19/06/2020

Despite the suspension of all Australian Football leagues across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, personalised football training can continue so long as training does not involve large groups. Aside from online AFL programs, One on One Football remains a viable option for personalised football training because its coaches can go one on one with footballers of any age. Another option with One on One Football is its online training programs (strength, skills & running).

Aussie Rules Football and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Around the last week of March, the Australian Football League (AFL) postponed its 2020 season until May 31, or until further notice with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, and the Australian government’s decision to slowly go on quarantine lockdown while cancelling all local and international travel. The AFL Women’s season which was coming into the playoffs was also suspended. The men’s AFL had just started its 2020 season but the season had to be put on hold.

With the suspension announcement, all Aussie Rules state leagues and other minor leagues cancelled their seasons indefinitely. All club practices and gatherings in large groups were also suspended.

Personalised Football Training Continues

Personalised Aussie Rules football training such as one on one coaching and online training programs can continue since both possess minimal health risks. However, one on one coaching must follow proper health precautions and social distancing to minimise risk further.

As the name implies, One on One Football continues to provide “one on one” coaching, training, and learning services for footballers of all experience levels. The single platform can provide over 100 AFL accredited coaches all over Australia for male or female footballers of all ages, meaning that your football training does not need to be put on hold. You can continue to practice your skills so when the football season returns, you are ready!

Since the pandemic outbreak, AFL and other clubs have had to completely shut down, rendering many of their assistant coaches inactive. Thus, One on One Football has added some of these coaches into the platform to give them a chance during the pandemic.

One on One Football

With its AFL accredited coaches, One on One Football is experiencing a spike in participation rates from football players who need to keep their skills sharpened. There has also been a rise in one on one learning sessions from kids without organised sports through parents looking to keep their children busy through the lockdowns. These learning sessions are either through one on one training or using online training programs. If you want to avail of any training personally, or you have children who wish to learn about Australian Rules Football, get in touch with One on One Football at their website, There will surely be an accredited coach near your area.

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