One on One Football Introduces Its Online Training Programs
Posted on 01/07/2020

In line with social distancing restrictions (thank to the COVID-19 pandemic), One on One Football introduces its online training programs. These training courses are designed for those who want to train or keep their skills on a high level while the football season is on hold. The individual or bundled programs are modelled based on online AFL programs but have been made superior for individual workout and training.

There are 3 basic online training programs:

  • Strength

  • Running

  • Skills

Strength Training

Starting with Strength training, all One on One Football online training programs come in video format. For strength, High-Performance Specialist Harry Simington takes you through the full training course videos. The whole course is three days every week for six weeks (we also have a 3 week option available). You will be trained in strength coordination drills such as Kneeling Hip Lock, Squat Jumps, Contralateral Plank, Glute Bridge, Wall Push Deadbugs, and Ankle Taps.

Running Training

High-Performance Specialist Harry Simington once again shows through video demonstration the whole training course that lasts for six weeks, at three days per week. Professional running training for Aussie rules football plays include the March, Skip, Pogo Jumps, Sprints, Curve or Slalom Runs, Scissor Runs, and Reactive Speed Kick and Chase. 

Skills Training

The company’s founder and CEO, Andrew Raines, this time shows up on the training videos. The training course can be a choice between the 3-Week Program (suited for single person or pairs), or the 6-Week Program (suited for individual, pairs, or small groups). Andrew takes you through each drill, ensuring that you have 3 focus areas for each. 

Bonus Warm-up Training

This training course in warm-ups using walking and stationary movements is given FREE along with the purchase of any online training program.

Training Program Bundles

Two or three training courses can be purchased all together as a bundled program. For instance, Strength plus Skills Training, Running plus Skills Training, or Strength plus Skills plus Running Training. There is a purchase choice for either three weeks or six weeks duration.

One on One Football

One on One Football is an online platform that links accredited ALF coaches with beginners or amateur football players for private coaching sessions. These sessions can be tailored either as a one on one session or group sessions. One on One Football is exclusively Australian Football, and all coaches are AFL accredited. Aside from its new online training programs, we will soon be introducing our bookings for Scout Sessions, hopefully, once all pandemic lockdowns are removed, and footy games all over the country can resume once again. For more on our online programs, visit the One on One Football website at

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