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One on One AFL Coaching: Reasons Why You Should Convince Kids to Play AFL This Summer
Posted on 20/01/2022

Why Kids Should Play AFL This Summer

The AFL league and Australian Rules football is a sport that requires a lot of skill and coordination. It also requires the whole body to work together as one unit, which promotes teamwork and discipline. This is also the stage when children can learn to excel through team coaching, one on one AFL coaching, and even online AFL training drills. 

Kids should play AFL this summer to get their first taste of a sport that is constantly growing in popularity not just in Australia but around the world.

For Physical Activity & Fitness

Physical activity and fitness are important for a healthy lifestyle. It is the key to having a balanced life. After all, exercising and movement will do everyone good, especially children. The most effective way to stay active is by doing something that you enjoy. And if children enjoy playing sports, especially Australian football, they also get a lot of exercises done.

For Fun and Challenge

At an early age, kids learn that sports are fun by watching people who enjoy themselves either playing the sport or watching it. Children tend to learn the game faster if they enjoy themselves while tackling its challenges. The more they enjoy the challenges the more they are interested in learning skills and techniques.

To Add Some Variety to Their Lives

Naturally, children are deluged at school to learn new things. To add some variety to their school grind, sports offers an alternative: learning mental AND physical skills and coordination. In sports, children learn that it takes more than brawn to play and win. 

To Learn Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Kids will learn that in sports, teamwork and sportsmanship are part of social interaction since they learn to be part of a team that requires equal effort from all players. Their character and moral principles are also formed through fair play.

For Increased Focus and Attention Span (Particularly in older children and teens who have ADHD or ADD Issues)

As we go through our day, we often find ourselves more and more distracted by everything around us – phones, social media, and other people. This constant distraction can be especially detrimental to children and teens who have ADHD or ADD issues. These individuals face a great deal of scrutiny when it comes to their concentration span in school. They are required to sit in one place for long periods while doing tasks that are not always engaging or interesting, which can lead to easy distractions.

This is where sports like AFL come in handy! It can help kids who have ADHD or ADD issues focus. Not many people know that many sports personalities had ADHD or ADD issues in childhood. A case in point is Heath Shaw of Collingwood and Greater Sydney Giants. 

Parents Can Help Encourage Their Children to Pick up AFL and Hire a Coach from One on One Football

The bottom line for parents to encourage their kids to play sports, especially in the AFL, is NOT to pressure them to achieve. Part of this encouragement is to get one on one AFL coaching from One on One Football. To learn more, visit or message

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