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One on One AFL Coaching: Prep-to-Play Programs for Female Players (Part 2)
Posted on 17/03/2022

As mentioned in Part 1, Prep-to-Play is a program for women and girls who play at all levels of Australian Rules Football. The program is focused on coaching and training activities to enhance the performance of female players while reducing injuries, especially to the knees and head. Every community, club, and AFL coach including those involved in one on one AFL coaching for all ages of female players are now applying the Prep-to-Play program and activities.

Benefits of the Prep-to-Play program

  • It increases and enhances athletic performance especially in terms of speed, vertical jumping, agility, strength, and coordination.

  • It reduces injuries by up to 50%. Fewer injuries mean increased player availability for games and increases the team’s chances of winning games.

  • The benefits of the program are greater and injuries are further reduced when coaches perform the activities during every training session and even during match day. 

Prep-to-Play activities in general

The basis of all Prep-to-Play activities is the 10-minute dynamic Warm-ups. These should be done at the start of every training session and on match days before the game.

  • Dynamic Warm-up involves 10-minutes of 8 intense activities involving jogging, mobility, deceleration, change of direction, landing, landing with contact, sprints, contact skills, and balance.

  • Football skills are practice activities during every training session and involve tackling and receiving a tackle, aerial contests of the ball, and fielding ground balls.

  • Strength exercises are done before and after every training session. It involves the lower limbs, hamstring and gluteal, and core and hips.

  • Education is provided by coaches at least 2-10 minutes in every training session for players and even support staff. This involves the why, how, and when the program is implemented, using the visual resources for clarity, and general injury prevention principles.

Other activities/exercises coaches can add for their players are the Calf Raises, Pogo Bounces, Double Leg Squat, and Arabesque.   

One on One Football

If you’re a female football player with real potential? Are you ready to raise your playing skills to the next level? Give a try with the coaching services of One on One Football. You can choose the one on one AFL coaching sessions, online training programs, group coaching sessions, or virtual coaching. All One on One Football coaches are AFL accredited. For more information, enquiries, or to browse all our pages to view the services, visit today.

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