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One on One AFL Coaching: Choosing the Right Australian Football Shoes or Boots
Posted on 30/12/2021

Everything comes down to how comfortable your feet feel that will affect how you play and how you move in Australian Football. As any AFL coach will advise you, or during your one on one AFL coaching sessions, you need to get the most out of your body by wearing the right playing boots or shoes for your feet. Selecting the right footwear with the proper cleats is crucial to ensure your complete comfort and to reduce any risk of injury to your feet or legs.

We at One on One Football recommend these footwear features

Overall fit

When selecting playing shoes/boots, be sure the shoe is at least a thumb width longer than the longest toe. This is to avoid jamming the toes into the end of the boot if the foot slides. If you have wide feet, choose a wide shoe design or brand.

Upper materials

The upper portion of playing shoes needs to be strong to support the foot because of the rapid change of direction, running, and kicking. Kangaroo leather uppers seem to be one of the best for shoes made for sports.

Stud/cleats configuration

The studs/cleats under your playing shoes need to be specific to playing Australian football. Though there are screw-in and moulded options, moulded studs are generally the most accepted for both dry or hard and wet or soft field conditions. 

Lacing arrangement

Lacing configuration will actually depend on the player’s shoe and foot comfort. Some playing boots have off-centre lacing, some have lacing down the boot’s centre. This will differ by brand and even with the specific position you are playing in terms of comfort.

Boot/shoe weight

With many modern players in other sports, the lighter the playing shoes, the better. Historically, however, the lighter the shoes, the less structure and support to it. Modern Australian football boots or shoes have stronger materials that provide a decent structure to them while still being a bit lightweight.


If needed, orthotics can be fitted so long as the shoe/boot will still have proper depth and space. This can provide extra support while assisting in running while helping to prevent certain injuries.

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