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Mentorship on and off the field
Posted on 16/05/2018

Meet Kobe, a 14 year old Park Ridge Pirate in the AFLBJ (AFL Brisbane Juniors), who is making his mark with a string of awards and runner-up titles. Kobe has utilised private coaching for the past 3 years, to take his game to the next level.

With the help of private one-on-one coaching, Kobe has been able to turn his strengths into major assets. Walking away from each session, Kobe says he can see and feel the improvements. Andrew Raines, Kobe's first private coach, has helped Kobe to fine tune and develop his kicking and handballing (particularly on the left), his general technique and confidence in under-pressure situations.

Kobe's mum Brooke said prior to one-on-one coaching, Kobe found it difficult to kick with his left foot and since he has dedicated more time and practice, these skills have developed immensely.

Each of the sessions also centers around athleticism, working on driving strength, fitness and agility. And the best part? The number one reason Kobe likes private coaching is for the enjoyment and fun he has with Andrew. 

Mentorship goes beyond the football field

Outside of the talent needed to play at an elite level, mindset is critical to success. It takes a whole lot more than determination and good football skills to become a pro player. Young athletes need to develop their persistence, mental endurance and humility. They also need to draw on positives in challenging situations, grow from mistakes, and learn how to harness and manage their emotions, both on and off the field.

Kobe said "Andrew keeps me focused, continually pushing me to be better and always challenging me to be the best I can be on the day" 

Off the field, Kobe attends Tamborine Mountain High School. With the mentorship of Andrew, he is working to find a balance between football and school. No easy task when your goal is to become a professional AFL player. The key lies in focus and accountability, in working hard and setting goals off the field, as well as on the field. Coaches within One on One Football, are able to use their experience, as most have had their eyes set on the same prize, and mentor juniors like Kobe in these hard-learnt life lessons. 

Mateship has become the foundation

With improvement in game play, confidence and mindset, comes recognition. Kobe has been either Captain or Vice-Captain over the last three years of playing, with his team making the finals each season. In these roles, he has been able to pass on the skills to his team which he has learnt during during his on-on-one coaching. At the club level, he's been runner-up Best & Fairest twice, winning the award in 2016. At the broader AFLBJ level, Kobe was runner-up Best & Fairest in 2015, 4th Best & Fairest in 2016, and made the AFLBJ top 10 in 2017

Throughout three years of private coaching, Kobe and Andrew have formed a close bond. Kobe sees Andrew as not only a coach, but also a mate. This mateship has become the foundation for their coach/player relationship, with trust and respect being key success markers. Kobe looks up to Andrew as a leader and recognises the privilege of learning from a retired professional, who has been at the top and understands the journey on a deeper level. Andrew respects the next generation of AFL players and feels privileged to be a part of their journey.

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