Improving Your Mental Health in Footy through AFL Training Drills
Posted on 20/11/2020

How important is an Australian football player’s mental health when playing games? Is it important to include mental wellness or mindfulness together with AFL training drills? Can you have mental health with online AFL training programs and routines?

Mental Issues Can Take a Toll on Players

You only need to watch or read the news about Aussie football players announcing that they need “to take some time away” because of mental issues. Or how many players have been involved in motor accidents or diagnosed with severe anxiety, incurring injuries, having a drinking problem as a result of mental issues?

Mental health issues on footy players stem from the very nature of the job. Aside from the physical and mental pressures of the game, there are also performance pressures plus public and media scrutiny that has doubled due to technology and the internet. More than 50% of players admit that booing from the stands affects their mental state.

Mental Health Now Included in AFL Training

Both the AFL Players Association (AFLPA) and the AFL clubs are now working together to make sure that significant investment is given to resources and structures to provide mental and mindfulness wellness training. The AFLPA and AFL clubs are also providing independent and confidential mental health service for all current and past players, especially for extreme cases or cases that need “confidentiality” on the part of the player. 

Aspiring Young Players Need to Take Note of the Following:

  • Aspiring young footy players need to realise that mental issues are a reality and all players – and even coaches, executives, and club owners – will experience these issues at any time. 

  • Given the pressures of the job and the realistic environment surrounding it, the AFL clubs and AFLPA now have mental, and mindfulness wellness training included at training camps.

  • Players today must realise that past conversations about mental health in the sport no longer hold true. Openness and acceptance are now encouraged when talking about, and facing, mental issues, rather than shame, stigma, and secrecy.

  • Players need to be proactive by helping each other (especially teammates) build resilience and coping mechanisms to maintain their mental wellbeing.  

Mindfulness Training Can Improve Mental Health

As early as now, young and aspiring football players can start strengthening their mental wellbeing by including Mindfulness Movement Training with their AFL training drills. You can find Mindfulness Movement Training with One on One Football. Their Mindfulness Program is designed by a qualified sports physiotherapist and instructor. The online training program comes in video format and also includes PDF reading instructional material. To register to login with the Mindfulness Movement Training Program, and to view the One on One Football’s other online programs for strength, running, skills, and warm-ups, visit the website at or call/text 1300 034 104.

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