Improving Handballing Skills with AFL Training Drills
Posted on 07/08/2020

Many Australians are ecstatic now that the AFL has resumed after the 2020 season was paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns easing off, the season is now on its 6th round. In one of the Round 6 matches (Geelong Cats versus the Brisbane Lions) many people noticed that Geelong won the match as a result of handballing to put teammates into space. Next to running and kicking, handballing is one of the most important skills that all footballers should look to perfect. One on One Football’s online training platform makes handballing a vital part of its Skills Training Program, a 6 week training course that covers all the fundamental skills of Aussie Rules Football.

Handballing Skills

Handballing skills are pivotal to any footy match, and this skill must be practised consistently. Unfortunately, a large number of school and state league players don't handball often, and when they do, technique is rarely the focus. Players must be made aware that if handballing is done wrong, or is not coached correctly, bad habits can form and performance declines. Players should be able to handball the football properly because this could mean the difference between winning and losing a match.

Handballing is a necessary skill of the game and has the potential to be equally effective as a kick. Practising the correct technique will avoid any pain or injury. It will also assist in the ability of footballers to put teammates into space, get centre clearances, and set up teammates for a goal.

One on One Football Online Skills Training

Andrew Raines, founder and CEO of One on One Football, is a former AFL player who built One on One to provide individual and group training sessions for budding footballers. All their coaches are accredited AFL coaches (including Raines). In our Online Skills Program, Raines will take you through the training course that only needs 3 days a week for 6 weeks (unless you opt for the 3-week session). The course includes handballing, kicking, run and bounce, ground control, marking ability.

Register now for One on One Online Training

One on One Football training programs are like AFL training drills because they are created and patterned by AFL accredited coaches like Raines. If you want to level up your handballing and other skills for the school or league, or need to improve your AFL game, visit the One on One Football website today at and register for our online training programs.

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