How to Make AFL Football Training Fun and Motivating
Posted on 30/10/2019

A football coach’s main objective is to train players effectively for them to improve their skills over the short and long term. However, there are two factors to consider when starting football training: avoid repetitive drills and value your players’ motivation.


As a mentor of the team, seeing the players become unmotivated and inactive is something you try to avoid from happening, and this should be your primary goal to become an effective football coach.


Here is some advice to help you make your training sessions more fun and motivating and help make your coaching strategies more efficient for the players, in doing so, growing your knowledge and skills as a successful coach along the way.


Collaborate with Another Football Coach

With the help of an assistant coach, it will lessen your tasks and increase the quality of your training for effective coaching in football. Hiring or collaborating with an associate coach divides the work of coaching; that way, you can focus on training the players equally. You can also exchange ideas and come up with the most effective ways to make every training day interesting and productive for you and the players.


Try Different Coaching Strategies

Try changing the activities every once in a while. Training with the team can never be dull and exhausting if you coach with different strategies - the more variety the better. Try focusing on physical training activities for this week, strategic training activities for the week after, and so on. Regardless of whether you mentor kids, adolescents, or grown-ups, specialised training will help them improve their skills.


Make Training Challenging

Repetitive sessions are good for specific skill mastery but they may make training activities boring. Whether you coach children or grown-ups, challenges during football exercises are essential to stimulate their strive for success. Establishing competitiveness within their mindset helps them boost their physical vigour and strong-mindedness towards achieving the goal.


Professionalism During Training is Important

Coaches should not take football training lightly. If the team’s objective is greater than playing just for fun, then you as their mentor must reflect that through your professionalism and your body language. During the training session, ensure your players are focussed on the task at hand. If they do not appear engaged you may need to adjust your coaching strategies, as mentioned above. 


Are you bored with the usual football exercises? One on One Football ensures AFL football training can be fun and motivating for both coaches and the players by taking training sessions to the next level. Contact us now!

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