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How to Get Your AFL Coach Accreditation
Posted on 09/02/2022

What Is the Purpose of AFL Coach Accreditation?

All coaches who want to coach or be trainers at all AFL levels must have mandatory AFL coaching accreditation. Even for AFL coaching and mentoring, it is a mandatory requirement for an AFL coach to hold an AFL coaching accreditation and membership with Coach AFL. 

Get Your AFL Coaching Accreditation Now!

If you are a new coach, you are required to:

  • Complete the online Foundation Course relevant to the playing age group (junior, youth, senior). This includes modules on concussion management and the four-quarter of mental health.

  • Complete the coaching profile.

  • Pay the membership fee for Coach AFL.

  • Agree to the coaches’ code of conduct.

What is AFL Coaching?

AFL coaching means teaching and training players of a specific age bracket – professionally or semi-professionally – on the physical and mental skills and techniques of playing Australian Rules football. This also means coaching a team, motivating them, and becoming a role model. Coaching also means creating tactics and strategies for your team. 

How Do I Become an AFL Coach?

If you have a positive outlook and energetic attitude, if you are involved in your child’s football game, or you’ve coached with a school team, you can become an AFL coach. If you have been involved in the game professionally as a player or official, you can also become a coach.

The Benefits of Getting an AFL Certificate of Accreditation as an Existing Coach

AFL accreditation for all coaches is a National Accreditation standard in all states and territories. It allows you to coach in AFL programs and teams in AusKick, junior, youth, seniors, and professional levels. It allows you to coach one-on-one or in small groups through organisations such as One on One Football. When you get hold of your soft and hard copies of your accreditation certificate, this identifies you as an accredited AFL coach for any AFL level team while providing appropriate access privileges for their roles at AFL venues.

Why Coach with One on One Football?

At One on One Football, you get to train, coach, and support passionate and dedicated footballers of any age on their quest to achieve their professional playing dreams. When AFL coaching and mentoring as an accredited AFL coach, you can coach one on one or with small groups. To apply as a One on One coach, visit For more information on our platform, just click on

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