Get the Mamba Mentality with our New Online Programs
Posted on 15/06/2020

How do the pros train?
The late Kobe Bryant (former NBA superstar) was known around the world for his incredible work ethic and training habits. His "mamba mentality" 

Mamba mentality means “just trying to get better every day.” It's the “simplest form of just trying to get better at whatever you're doing.”

Our online AFL programs were created so you can implement the "mamba way". These programs will help and assist the work you need to do away from your team training/games and even your "One on One" sessions. And you will have access to this at the palm of your hand wherever and whenever you like. 

There is no better time in the lead up to this year's suspended season!

Choose from the following programs or combine them in a package and save!

  • AFL Strength Program
  • AFL Skills Program
  • AFL Running Program

For a limited time, we are also including our Warm-Up Program FREE with any purchase (valued at $35).

Find out more about each program below!

What are the benefits?


Reduce Injuries!
Strength training can have huge benefits for footballers. Improving your strength can reduce the likelihood of injuries, in addition to improving your performance. With 50+ exercises available some of these include basic squats (lower body), contralateral planks (core), floating knee hand push-ups (upper body), and many more. 

Train like the pros do!
At the elite level of AFL & AFLW, players complete approximately 2-5 days of structured strength training in addition to their skills & running sessions, and now - you can too!

You don't need a gym!
Our program is written by Harry Simington, former VFL & NEAFL player and ASCA accredited strength and conditioning coach. Each week is made up of 3 training days - with 45 minutes worth of AFL specific training to complete per day. The program is entirely bodyweight - the only equipment you need is a footy! 

2. AFL Skills Program (6-week & 3-week options available)

Expert guidance.
Our AFL Skills Program is designed by Andrew Raines, former AFL player and current Suns Academy & Allies Head Coach. Throughout the 6-week training course, Andrew shares his favourite training drills developed over his professional career as both a player and coach.

Repetition is key!

Have you been told before that you need to spend more time away from training honing in on your skills? But you don't know where to start? We designed these programs to help you with this. 

Time and time again Andrew has seen the best footballers are the ones who put in the work. He says "You can't expect to master or achieve anything if you just do the set hours.  Repetition is key and to master any skill, you must spend hours and hours on it. And usually, that is on your own or away from the team". 

In the program, Andrew covers all the fundamentals of football with plenty of repetition. With over 30+ drills available that include kicking (both feet), marking, handballing, bouncing, groundballs, and more! Each exercise has an instructional video from Andrew with coaching tips the whole way through! This in-depth skills program is one of a kind, suitable for all age groups and skill levels - all you need is your 'mamba mentality' and a footy!

3. AFL Running Program (6-week & 3-week options available)

"AFL Running"
There has never been a time in our game quite like now that the need for "running players" (tall, small, or in between) has been more prevalent. 

The best players run up to 16km per game... that's a lot of steps! Every step you take on the field is an opportunity to win the ball, create separation from your opponent, or explode from a stoppage. How effective you are in these situations depends greatly on your running ability.

Speed, Agility & Endurance!
Our Running Program provides you with 6 weeks of AFL-specific running training, with over 30 drills. From 40m repeat sprints, endurance runs to decelerate and explode drills - all the necessary requirements for AFL football. 

In a similar fashion to the AFL Strength Program, Harry coaches you through each and every drill, giving you biomechanics cues and clear focus points for each drill.

Better running = better performance & fewer injuries!

Try our free trial today!

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