Fun Facts: Sam Virgo
Posted on 25/09/2018

At One On One we want you to get to know our coaches a little better. We have sat down with them and asked them a series of questions and also some tips that will help you with your game. 



We interviewed Sam Virgo. Sam is a current player with the Brisbane Lions AFLW team and plays off the Half-Black flank. She was drafted in 2016 and was named in the 2017 AFLW All-Australian Team. Sam has very extensive coaching background, which has seen her been involved in a variety of talent programs and senior football in Queensland.



Name: Sam Virgo



Nickname: "Vigs” or “Salsa”



Location: Brisbane, Queensland



Favourite Sport (other than AFL): Cricket



Favourite Food: Broccoli



Favourite TV Show: Criminal Minds



Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption



Pet Hates: Dishonesty



Hidden Talent: Can play the Saxophone 



Most Memorable AFL Moment: Playing on the MCG. Coaching – beating Vic Metro in the Under 18s National Championships.



Pre-Game Tips: Meditate and a cup of tea the night before.



Advice for Game Day Relax and channel your energy in the warm up.



How do you unwind and relax away from football? Go to the beach or read a book.



Why did you join One On One Football: " I have a passion for coaching and to really help people on their journey". 



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