Fun Facts: Daniel Merrett | One on One Football
Fun Facts: Daniel Merrett
Posted on 27/08/2018

At One On One we want you to get to know our coaches a little better. We have sat down with them and asked them a series of questions and also some tips that will help you with your game. 

We interviewed Daniel Merrett. Dan played 200 AFL game with Brisbane Lions. He played for most of his career as a key defender and was known for his great closing speed and spoiling. Dan only started playing the game at age 17 so he knows how much time is needed to fine tune your game. But also knows how quick you can improve if you put the time and effort in.  


Name: Daniel Merrett  

Nickname: "Sauce", "Strawbs" or Rodge" 

Location: Brisbane, Queensland 

Favourite Sport (other than AFL): Surfing

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Meatballs  

Favourite Movie: Thor Ragnar Rock

Pet Hates: Traffic

Hidden Talent: I can assemble Ikea Furniture in next to no time. 

What was your pre-game meal? Mung Bean Pasta with Bolognese Sauce 

Most Memorable AFL Moment: Good question, it would have to be the Miracle on Grass where we (Brisbane Lions) came from behind to beat Geelong in 2013, what a game! 

What did you do before an AFL game to help prepare?: I'd always head out and shoot some hoops.

And post game?: Always go to the beach and a couple of Sunday swirls.

What's your tip for young AFL players on game day?: Always initiate contact 

Any other tips or advice?: Always work on your weapons. People will always tell you what your not good at, make them talk about what you're great at!

Why did you join One On One Football: I really enjoy coaching. I really enjoy the break down of skills and working with people one on one. It's a great opportunity to perfect your technique. 


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