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Football Training Principles That Can Be Added To Any Training Session
Posted on 20/03/2019

The Australian Football League (AFL) aims to establish fitness to optimal levels in order to maximise performance. This can only be achieved through implementing the fundamental training principles to their football training programs correctly.


Specificity. This principle will form the base of any training program for players to achieve first-rate benefits. The correct energy systems, fitness components, and muscle groups are targeted to make sure that the training will improve AFL’s physiological requirements.


  • Plyometrics can be a part of training programs to improve tackling and jumping performance.

  • Since the AFL replicates the repeated high-intensity efforts required all throughout the game, there is now more emphasis on the interval training. This increases lactate tolerance that enables players to perform more intense sprints without feeling the effects of fatigue.

  • To understand the physiological demands of drills, AFL clubs invest in drill analysis, including the use of GPS.

  • With the use of drill analysis data, a skills drill emphasising on running can be manipulated to imitate the work to rest ratio of the drill. This ensures appropriate training adaptation and specificity.

  • To maintain the balance between muscle groups, resistance football training programs are required.


Intensity. This refers to the level of exertion enforced during a training program’s work phase. It establishes specificity. And by applying the right intensity, the desired energy system or fitness component are ensured to be developed in the training.


There are methods used in measuring the intensity of the training, namely GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and rating of perceived exertion or RPE.


The intensity of training used in targeting fitness components that are dominated by the anaerobic energy systems is higher.


Duration. This is the principle which refers to the length of the training program and training session and the time required to realise chronic adaptations.


Given the finite nature of anaerobic energy systems, the length of the total session and the work bout are important, as well as the total length of the training program in terms of fatigue and recovery all through the season.


These are just some of the many football training principles that can be added to any training session. Contact for more information.

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