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Football training drills to enhance physical fitness
Posted on 05/10/2018

What are the football training drills you can do to improve your physical attributes?


If you want to be involved in any half-decent level of football, then you need to work out your stamina, power, and speed on the field.

Know that nowadays, the average professional football player covers over 10 km in a match that takes 90 minutes to finish. Not only that, increased lung capacity is being considered when competing in games. One should also gain strength and muscle. Here are football draining skills to improve your physical fitness.


Run, Run, Run

Find any open space you think is fit for running or get on a treadmill. This is part of an interval training that helps improve the maximum rate at which your body can consume oxygen during exercise. Also, it lets you hit maximum sprinting at high tempo before you jog, and then find yourself going all out once more.

To build your stamina, perform four minutes of straight jogging, then four minutes of tempo run, and repeat it four times.


Sprint Speed

Before, the wingers or wing men only had this skill. But now, players in all positions are required to have sprint speed.

It will be an advantage in your part if you’ll be able to maximize your own potential in running fast for shorter bursts. Try making use of a parachute or weighted sled pull sprints that will help enhance the power of your legs. It won’t be a surprise if you become a speed master just by building up strength in your quadriceps and hamstrings with eccentric and isometric movements under increased pressure.

This can be done by having five rounds of bungee cords, or 50m sled pulls, executed with 30-second rests in between.



Not for the fainthearted, but if you want to achieve greatness in doing the football draining skills, then give maximum effort in learning the techniques. Perform some of the plyometric movements such as burpees, combined with tuck jumps and any sort of jump squat, squat thrusters, and box jumps.

Beat your opponents with four sets of 10 single-leg box jumps on each side. Increase the height of the box in the proceeding weeks.


Change of Direction

Every footballer should be able to make changes in their direction at any given second and do it quickly, while keeping the ball under control without getting injured.

Cone drills are one of the easiest traditional ways of improving the agility of a player. Combine it with shuttle runs and slalom runs. Use the most important prop, the ball, and become efficient at keeping it under control while running and turning at full tilt.

Place 10-20 cones in a zigzag form and slowly slalom through them. Increase your speed after every round with your foot pushing the ball.

These are just some of the many important attributes you should focus on improving. Always remember to have time to recover from all the hard football training skills.

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