Football Coaching Practices that Ensure Improvement of Players
Posted on 31/05/2019

First up and before anything else, all private football coaches must have the proper AFL coaching accreditation.


On this note, all coaches know there is no “magic formula” to create great players or a super football team. To produce good footy players is a combination of many factors and practices that all focus on the goal of continued improvement of player skills.


Practice, practice, and more practice

Too much practice never killed anyone. All sports are built on ‘muscle memory.’ This means constant practice so the body always remembers. The structured approach of practices also ensures the continued improvement of players and the eventual standing out of potential “super players.” After all, talent and skill are not innate. The creation of a Michael Jordan or a Lionel Messi can be traced back to many years of deep practice even outside the playing field. The same goes with Aussie rules. Trace back the history of the great Markers, Goalkickers, and Tacklers, and you’ll find an outstanding coach behind them continuously pressing for better practice sessions.


Realistic Coaching

It’s one thing to coach using basic drills and practices; it’s another to simulate realistic situations. For instance, challenge players by increasing or decreasing the size or shape of the playing area, and increasing or decreasing the number of opponents the ball carriers have to go through; limiting the number of passes or tackles; varying the sizes of the goals; reducing or increasing the time to perform actions, etc.



This is the natural form of motivation wherein effort is praised rather than talent. Anything that seems ‘pushy’ or ‘forced’ will only drive away better performance. Likewise, sustained motivation is given to show that all challenges are learning opportunities and not threats. The really good Australian football coach will show all players that sometimes they can fail unintentionally.


If you think you need that one one footy training for whatever purpose, why not visit and give them a call or message them. You can even search if there’s a specific private football coach in your state or area.

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