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Fitness Drills for a Better Performance in Football Training
Posted on 12/12/2018

Fitness drills for a better performance in football


Drills are fundamental to condition oneself before every game. One of the ways coaches motivate their players is to allow them to play after completing the specific drills. Through this, it will make them more inspired to do their maximum performance during the drills.


Here are some of the football training drills coaches use to train their players.


Jog and Sprint



This specific football drill will help improve the sprinting abilities of the players. Since it is a crucial skill in football fitness, players who are slow will have difficulty performing it well.


To achieve this drill, eight cones are needed, with six cones placed on the field 14 metres apart (9 metres if players are younger than 15 years old); the other cone 55 metres to the right from the last cone; and then the last cone 69 metres from the 7th cone the same level as the starting point.


Players should be standing in a successive line behind the cone that is marked “Starting Point”. The first player should perform a fast run zigzagging in the first six cones, jog towards to 7th cone, and sprint to the 8th cone. After finishing the course, the player must place himself at the end of the line.


This drill can be made with variations such as increasing the distances of the cones or restrict players to sprint instead of jog.


Random Runs



Nine cones are needed for this football training drill, and one is going to be used to mark the starting point. The rest of the cones will be placed surrounding the starting point 5 - 9  metres away and must be given a number (it can be random).


The player should stand at the starting point. To begin the drill, the coach shouts the name of one of the players and the number of the cone. The player must perform a quick run to the cone assigned to him, sprint back to the starting point, and then shout “Done!”. The coach must then shout another player’s name, until the last player. The drill can continue for 4-5 minutes.


Slalom Runs



Players are required to perform this drill five times or more (depending on the fitness level and age of the players). Variations may be done for slalom runs by increasing the distance between 6 cones or replacing the jogging parts with running.


The cones must be placed 3 metres apart in a hexagonal manner, and opposite cones must be 5 metres apart.


Station Runs



With station runs, six cones are also needed and must be placed 5 metres apart displaying a rectangular shape. The first cone should be the starting point where players must line up. The drill starts with a fast run to the second cone and perform 20 sit-ups, proceed to the third cone and perform ten knee jumps, run to the fourth cone and complete 20 sit-ups, the fifth cone and finish ten push-ups, and then jog back to the starting point.


These are just some of the football training drills that help players not just to be more focused on the aspects of the game but develop the fitness aspects for players to be in great condition during games.

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