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Finals Football
Posted on 05/09/2018

There is an old saying about finals football “you can smell finals footy”. Whether this is because it’s the the end of the cooler winter months and the smell of spring in the air. It’s more likely the energy and vibe around each football club as the excitement builds for their team going into the finals series? Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic time of year for all footballers, coaches and supporters involved in finals football. As the dream of winning a grand final (at any level) becomes a reality. 

With the smell of finals in the air, it’s important that every footballer’s preparation is at its best. Whether it’s the extra recovery, studying the opposition or hours on the track fine-tuning your craft or team structures – we believe preparation is key to any success.

Fine-tuning your skills builds confidence when the pressure moments of come in finals football. Knowing you have done the work, week in week out on your craft will clearly show in the big games. Our very own One On One Coach Simon Black was known for his big game performances and always stepping up when it mattered. Simon won the Norm Smith Medal for the best on ground in the 2003 Grand Final. Yet it was no surprise to his teammates and those that knew him, that he would be the last to leave most training sessions and the one who would do the most extras on his skills.

One On One wishes every footballer playing finals all over Australia the very best!

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