Core Coaching Philosophies AFL Coaches Should Know
Posted on 10/03/2020

AFL coaching is about more than just training your athletes. The decisions you make and the advice you give can have an impact on your players far wider than just the football field. Coaches also need to find a balance between player development and winning games, meeting the needs of their athletes in every sense. 

That is why coaches are advised to go by their own unique coaching philosophies. So what is a coaching philosophy, and what are its core principles?

What is a coaching philosophy?

A coaching philosophy is a statement of your coaching role's value and your approaches towards being a coach. A coaching philosophy consists of the primary objectives and the beliefs and principles that you adhere to.

Why do you need a coaching philosophy? 

A coaching job is a tough nut to crack. That is why you need a clear philosophy so you can make appropriate decisions and ultimately coach more effectively.

What are the core coaching principles that every AFL coach should be aware of? 

  • Coaching objectives.

It is essential to establish where you're heading first, so you can determine what type of coach you imagine yourself to be.

  • Establish rules.

After knowing your objectives as a coach, you also need to establish your own set of rules. Be organised with it and involve your assistant coaches as much as possible.

  • Build and nurture relationships with athletes.

As a coach, you must build and nurture a relationship with your athletes. Doing so will build trust and communication between you and your players, making your coaching much easier and more enjoyable.

  • Help athletes manage their stress.

Athletes are not robots. They get worn out physically and mentally. That is why you must know how to manage your players' stress as well. Treat each athlete as an individual and you’re well on your way.

  • Focus on the big picture.

Make sure that everything you’re doing at training (the person you’re being, the drills you implement etc.) are all working towards the end goal. Prioritise your coaching philosophy and your objectives as a team leader.

So those were the coaching philosophies AFL coaches should know. If you want to practice your philosophies, you can partner with One on One Football to develop and create your principles and become an effective coach.

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