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Posted on 19/10/2018

Common Football Training in Australia


It is essential for a player to have a proper football training to be effective in a game. Training drills and exercises are a good time to develop skills and improve football skills.


Here are some of the important training for Australian football:


Warm up and Cool Down. Typical football training includes warm-ups and cooldowns. This is a critical component of any exercise program that prevents injuries.


Running. Obviously, football is a running game. And to achieve the appropriate level of running, six weeks of training is required. However, rushing this part of the training can increase the risk of injury.


Weight Training. An effective weight training needs to be individualised as being focused is essential. The weight program includes training with full body exercises.


Cross Training. This type of training reduces the risk of getting injuries from overtraining. While using cross training, the total volume of training will be increased effectively. Boxing, cycling, and aquatic training are useful.


Skills Training. Football is also a skill based game that needs constant practice to develop the players’ skills. It’s essential to conduct a training program that focuses on the skills of every individual.


Body Awareness Training. Body awareness training is performed on unstable surfaces, balance beam, or a wobble board.


Body Fuelling. A player can lose up to four kilograms in one game or training. However, these can be replaced by drinking fluids paired with a healthy diet.


The parts of the body that are commonly affected by injuries sustained in football are the hamstrings, knees, and ankles, as these parts are the most used in every game. With football training, players will not only improve their skills but also strengthen their body and mind. There is always room for improvement, and proper training is the best way to get better.

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