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Coach and Mentoring in AFL Inclusion Programs for Intellectual and Physical Disabilities
Posted on 29/04/2022

The AFL Disability Inclusion programs have been set up to ensure that people with intellectual and physical disabilities across Australia have the opportunity to participate in organised Australian Football. AFL accredited coaches participate in AFL coach and mentoring for such programs as AFL Kickability, National Inclusion Carnival, and National Wheelchair.

AFL Kickability Program

Coach mentor professionals and clubs across Sydney always welcome children with disabilities but are mobile enough to play Australian football. The program focuses on participants with intellectual disabilities, male or female, between – but not limited to – the ages of 9 – 16. Participants are usually those with:

  • Autism.

  • Fragile X Syndrome.

  • Down Syndrome.

  • Cerebral Palsy.

AFL Kickability is open to everyone with a disability even if your disability is not listed above. Children with various other intellectual and physical impairments are welcome to join the program. 

What to expect

The focus is always on skills development and fun. The program looks to provide participants with an opportunity to play Australian football in a safe, convenient, and inclusive environment. The participants will be asked to join a club to become a team and participate in playing games against other clubs/teams in their local area. All games are played using altered and modified “no-tackle” rules and regulations. 

This program is also a jump-off point for players who want to join the AFL Inclusion Carnival.

AFL National Inclusion Carnival

This program is an annual representative carnival for male athletes with an intellectual disability, ages 16 and up, with intermediate or advanced experience in Australian football. As every state and territory is represented, the carnival provides Australia’s most talented footballers to play for their area. It is also an opportunity to showcase the important abilities of these intellectually disabled players to the broader community.

The carnival games are played using traditional Australian football rules, but with an adjusted number of players, 12 players for each team on the field and 4 on each bench.

National Wheelchair Championships

Wheelchair Aussie Rules is in partnership with Disability Sports Australia (the governing body), Australian Defence Force, and AFL. The program provides physically disabled footballers in wheelchairs the opportunity to play competitive football.

How is Wheelchair Rules played?

The game is played between two teams of five, plus reserve players. All plays are indoor in a rectangular court divided into thirds, like netball. Like the AFL, there are goal posts at either end, and players are assigned to positions of defender, centre, or forward. Only the forwards can score. A handball is equivalent to a kick and an underarm throw below shoulder height is a hand pass.

One on One Football

Aside from one-on-one and group coaching sessions, online coaching sessions, and online training programs, you can also avail yourself of One on One Football’s AFL coach and mentoring program. You can register as a coach and find a coach-mentor for you, or you can register as a coach to offer your services for mentoring or scouting. Message One on One Football at for more details.

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