Coach AFL: How Does an Australian Football Coach Strategise
Posted on 13/11/2019

The responsibility of a coach is to understand and recognise how a child approaches the game. And each child in your team has different potentials---there may be an excellent runner, do incredible catches, etc. However, other kids are still struggling to understand basic football techniques. It is during these early years of football training where having a coach AFL is a must. 


But first, you will need to know the different age-brackets of your team players. This will improve your skills in coaching and your capability to connect with your team. In this way, it will guarantee and avoid the chance of favouring those who are far more skilled, keeping other kids from improving in the sport.


Ages around Six and Below

These kids may not have any experience playing football before, so you may need to organise a  team setting. Hone their passion for football by simply introducing the basic elements of the game. Moreover, kids at these ages might not care about how good they are at football and may be more interested in making new friends and experiencing the fun part of the sport.


Ages around Seven to Nine

Children around these ages are slowly taking an interest in the game and have started to become aware of their skills in it. They start craving opinions from their coaches or parents on how they should improve and the progress they are making. Awareness of their teammates’ skills and abilities stimulates their competitive side, which may lead to enhancing their football proficiency.


Ages around Ten to Twelve

Children of these ages become more competitive. But at the same time, they learn what teamwork means. They embrace challenges as a way to enhance their skills while becoming more competent.


Ages around Thirteen to Fourteen

Coaching young teenagers is also a great challenge since they are at the stage of improving their basic football skills. They will need a lot of encouragement and support from their coach. 


Ages around Fifteen and Above

Teens at these ages might be a bit challenging to coach in some ways; some may even know more about the game than you do. Playing this sport at the age of fifteen and above only means they already established a passion for this field. But coaching them will enhance your communication and training skills to gain their respect.


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