Characteristics of an Effective Football Coach
Posted on 08/10/2019

Beginner football players need guidance from professional coaches. Coaching can be quite challenging, especially when teaching young players who are new and unfamiliar to the sport. With One on One Football, the importance of AFL coaching accreditation is critical to their success to provide their players with an authentic service fit for the thriving youth.


AFL accredited coaches guarantee that they undergo the appropriate training and education, assuring every player an industry-recognised level of AFL football training.


Characteristics of a Successful Football Coach:


- Organised

- Prepared

- Positive, enthusiastic, and encouraging

- Empathic towards the player


A coach’s primary responsibility is enhancing a young player’s skills, which is managing and improving their prowess when it comes to the sport. Coaches may also need to consider looking at “effective coaching” when developing young players rather than “results coaching” --- that is, gaining a mentality to look at the players’ future instead of coaching for the present.




Communication is the most crucial characteristic of an effective coach. The ability to communicate with the players helps lift their confidence by giving them positive feedback to push through their football career.


Constructive feedback is essential to the players so that they’ll know how they can refine their performance in the game. Furthermore, asking footballers questions will have the benefit of gaining an understanding between the team and the coach; this questioning technique primarily will ensure that players remain attentive during group meetings for they may likely get asked questions during said meetings.


Game-sense Training


Game-sense or game-centred approach is another vital coaching characteristic which incorporates all of the player’s ability required for AFL football. This approach shifts the focus from the coaching strategies to how footballers learn.


As players of the game, they’ll have the opportunity to analyse their performance through internal feedback, observation, trial and error, and changing their game strategy on their own, rather than relying on external feedback supplied by the coach.




Quickly evaluating a player’s set of skills and pointing out any technical flaws are other characteristics a coach should have. Evaluation serves as a guide for their future reference, and encouraging the players to become experts in AFL football will help make them a good player.


One on One Football provides AFL coaching accreditation for coaches. Email them through to know more about their football coaching services.

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