Characteristics an Effective Football Coach Must Have
Posted on 29/04/2019

While it is good to have a football coach who possesses in-depth knowledge in everything about football, effective ones have special characteristics that can help win a football team. Here are some of the skills football coaches must develop to deliver football training and create a successful team efficiently.


Commendable appearance

Football coaches must not ignore the importance of appearance as this hints professionalism. Looking neat and tidy helps in gaining trust and respect from the team.


Good teacher

Part of the duty of a coach is to teach their students everything about football especially the training drills. They need to make sure that the football team is learning and are able to grow their skills. They have to provide clear and precise instructions during the football training. With regard to the students who don’t have the knowledge about the dos and don’ts in football, coaches must know that demonstrating the football drills is better than delivering instructions orally.



A good football coach comes early to arrive first in the football field during training. This way, they will be able to manage the training set-up before the students arrive. No time will be wasted as they will be focused on creating training objectives before the training starts and not during the sessions. If a coach comes late, most probably the timeline of activities will be affected, delaying some of the drills and other exercises.


Role Model

Football teams need coaches who are good at what they do and are good role models. Students need someone whom they can follow. As the coach, they should act as the servant-leader and teach about positive attitude towards teammates and winning games.


These are just some of the many characteristics that football coaches must possess to become effective in this position and be able to build a successful football team. To find an AFL coach that will work with your team, visit today!

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