Benefits of Hiring a Private Football Coach
Posted on 18/06/2019

There are lots of options for players who want to do extra training to improve their Australian Rules football skills. Some players like to train on their own or with a friend. Some download apps or watch instructional YouTube videos to improve their skills and game understanding. However, nothing beats face to face training, no matter what the online content, due to the personal engagement and instant feedback from a personal coach that no video can ever give.


Personalised one on one coaching will significantly benefit any player, especially at a young age, as it can help develop the player’s performance and technique. Hiring a private coach will help players be better prepared to play and train at a higher level, and improve later in life.


Here are some benefits to hiring a private football coach:


Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

We think we may know ourselves well, but when it comes to playing skills, it often takes an outside perspective to build up to full potential. A private coach – with many years of experience behind them – will always identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses.


Gaining Confidence

Players will never know their capabilities until someone pushes them outside their comfort zone. Confidence is where all football dreams start and is the key to reach full potential.


Private Coaches Establish Hard but Realistic Goals

With private coaches, they can challenge players during sessions with hard but realistic goals for the player to think and play like a real footballer. For instance, instead of drills for younger players, the private coach can slowly introduce actual AFL coaching drills to push players to their limits. The hard training will eventually pay off in the future.


Full One on One Attention

With a one on one coach, queries and discussions that may seem scary in a team setting become more relaxed because of the personal relationship that builds up between player and coach.


Remember that only coaches with proven AFL coaching accreditation are allowed to offer their services as private coaches. So, to get the best private coaches, trust only One on One Football Private AFL Coaching. Visit their site now at

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