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Basic Football Training Drills to Enhance Your Fitness
Posted on 30/09/2019

Football is one of the physically demanding sports which requires a high level of stamina. Whether you’re a pro football player or just playing for a weekend pastime, you need these basic football training drills to enhance your playing and fitness.


Heighten Running Stamina

Getting on a treadmill or running in an open space is just for starters. Interval training for football is what coaches prefer to improve a player’s maximal oxygen uptake, also known as VO2 max. This allows you to build enough stamina by jogging or walking and perform a repeated tempo run for four minutes. You can also try mixing your footwork around cones with sprinting.


Increase Sprint Speed

Speed has an essential place in the training process when it comes to football, and it is vital for players in all positions to acquire sprint speed. Maximise your speed capacity by running fast for shorter bursts with the help of weighted sled pulls and parachute sprints; this will help your legs to exert more force than their usual.


Enhance Your Change of Direction

Being fast has its perks, but every footballer should be able to change their direction as swiftly as possible, without the risk of injuring themselves and while keeping the ball under control.


Maintaining Stronger Physique

Strength training like squats, deadlifts, and leaps will help you work your explosive power, overall speed, agility, and core stability. The benefit of strength training lies in injury prevention, and it primarily promotes and gains strength in the ligaments, tendons, and the general structure of the body.


Recovery from Hectic Training

Recovery should always have a big part in your football training drills. Make sure that you execute them correctly to allow your body some recovery time, so that it can adapt to the stress of the exercise; this also gives you time to replenish your energy and avoid muscle strain.


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