Australian Football Golden Rules
Posted on 10/07/2019

When it comes to the golden rules of playing and training in Australian football, all these rules are the same and cover all ages, whether the players are in a professional AFL team or an under-16 school team.


These rules have already been ingrained in all professional football players at all levels so it’s only right that these same rules should be taught, ingrained, and instilled into younger players, especially if they are undertaking private football coaching.

  • Win the  ball – Control the ball, control the game.

  • Develop a high level of physical fitness – Footy is a physical game, so one who is more physically fit than the opponent will have a tremendous advantage.

  • Be a team player – As the old cliché goes, “One for all and all for one.”

  • Develop focused concentration – Lapses cost goals, so concentrate on every moment of the game.

  • Develop confidence – Have confidence in one’s self and the team.

  • Have courage – To kick those goals, to win the ball, to contest the opponent’s possession at all times, to keep striving no matter what the situation, to accept the coach’s decision, and to have the proper discipline to give the best.

  • Instant recovery – An essential key in football especially when rebounding, when beaten by the bounce of the ball, when competing for a split mark, when taking a bump or knock or getting knocked to the ground, when a ball is badly kicked to a leading player, and after delivering the ball.

  • Develop a positive mental attitude about your ability to play – Football isn’t always won by the strongest or best player, but sometimes by those with the heart and attitude that they can win.

  • Outnumber at the Contest (in particular defence) -  because often, games are won by a strong defence.

  • Play on, play on – Never hesitate or lose the ball so always keep the ball moving.


Once these basic rules are permanently embedded into younger players, a private football coach can turn their attention to more advanced tactics.


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