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AFL Training Drills: The Importance of Wearing the Right Gear
Posted on 23/12/2021

Australian Football is one of the most popular sports in the country, next only to cricket. It attracts a lot of kids at an early age to dream of becoming AFL players in the future. This, even though it is a very physical contact sport and may result in injuries due to constant physical competition for the ball, marking, handballing, running, kicking, and tackling. To prevent or at least minimise injuries, players should pay attention to their physical trainers, online AFL training sessions, and the coach’s AFL training drills. Aside from this, players should also wear the proper athletic clothing and protective gear.

Wear the right protective gear

  • Wear a mouthguard, preferably custom-fitted, during practices and games. This is recommended at all levels. Dentally fitted mouthguards offer the best protection compared to “boil and bite” types. 

  • Wear a protective helmet, ankle braces, and thigh protectors if you have a history of head, ankle, or thigh injuries.

  • Ask your coaches about the best playing shoes to wear.

  • On hot sunny days, wear sunscreen and re-apply during breaks.

Note on head protection gear

There is no conclusive scientific evidence that protective headgear for Australian Football and Rugby can prevent concussions and other brain injuries. There is a tendency that young players who wear head protection may become careless in their playing style and prone to head impacts. Whether a player decides to wear head protection or not, the best protection is to be aware of the surroundings especially when players are crowding for the ball.

Benefits of wearing the right athletic clothing

  • Comfort

When you are exercising, practising, or competing, it is crucial that your clothing, sweats, and shoes should be comfortable and give freedom of movement. Feeling comfortable means added confidence and good mental health.

  • Injury prevention

Poorly fitting athletic clothing, shoes, and protective gear can lead to physical discomfort and strains on the body. Old and worn-out stuff should not be worn anymore and must be replaced.

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