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AFL Training Drills: Possession Skills and Overhead Marking
Posted on 22/06/2021

The overhead mark is undoubtedly the fan favourite when it comes to football excitement. Teli highlights are always filled with overhead marks. It does take great skill and athleticism to launch and take an overhead mark in mid-air, often almost on the back of an opponent. You can use online AFL training drills programs to improve your marking skills. Try the online AFL football training drills sessions from One on One Football.

Height has nothing to do with overhead marking

Up until the early 21st century, taller players were encouraged to master overhead marking skills while the shorter players were made to stay down and crumb. More recently, coaches are encouraging every single junior player to practice overhead marking. And if you regularly watch AFL games, you will see many shorter players making ‘spectacular’ overhead marks even over taller players. 

Main considerations of overhead marking

  • Line your body up with the flight of the ball, and always keep your eyes on the ball.

  • Jump off one foot and swing the other knee up to gain maximum height.

  • Keeping eyes on the ball, keep fingers outstretched and thumbs almost together when reaching out for the ball.

  • The ball can be met slightly in front of the head or over the head with the arms extended. Grip the ball firmly in the fingers.

  • The ball should be pulled down quickly to the chest after marking to avoid opponents knocking the ball away or out of your hands.

  • If the ball is muddy or wet, the hands are brought close together while the fingers tap the ball down to be gathered in the chest area. 

For beginners

  • Beginners can learn by throwing the ball in the air and catching it at the highest mark possible.

  • They can then progress by getting someone to throw the ball at them from a short distance.

  • They should practice overhead marking in stationary position first, then gradually progressing to a run-up.

One on One Football

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