AFL Training Drills: Overtraining During the Off-Season May Cause Injury
Posted on 02/12/2020

To maintain the fitness and shape necessary for footy players, many athletes resort to continuance of training during the off-season months in the summer. However, too much exercise or overtraining may result in fatigue and even injury. Overtraining is caused by too much high-intensity training but with little or no rest periods for physical regeneration. This can happen when amateur (and even professional) athletes follow their own training regimen taken from online AFL training programs. To avoid overtraining, One on One Football introduces its AFL training drills as part of its online training programs. 

Main cause of overtraining

  • Simply put, when an athlete embarks on too much sports conditioning, fitness training, and skills training, physical and mental stress will follow. If the athlete’s stress loads are above an acceptable level, a state of overtraining presents itself. Overtraining with little regenerative periods can eventually lead to acute fatigue, performance stagnation, injury, and even illness. These can include chronic soreness, weight loss due to loss of appetite, stomach and intestinal upsets, general sickness, and infections.
  • An athlete in overtraining can also suffer from mental stress such as anxiety, depression, and moodiness. The physical and mental burdens of overtraining may eventually lead to long term mental health breakdown.


  • If an athlete decides to stay in shape or keep fit or continue training during the off-season, this should be carried out twice or three times a week only, to ensure proper rest periods in between. The athlete should also take at least a month and a half break period during the off-season to ensure that the body recuperates.
  • Another solution is that to ensure proper training without overtraining during the off-season, it is recommended to enrol in appropriate one-on-one training sessions or online training programs such as those at One on One Football. One-on-one training and online training are created and carried out by accredited AFL coaches only. 

One on One Football Online Training Programs

One on One Football is an online platform that connects accredited AFL coaches with footballers for private coaching or online AFL training drills programs created by said accredited coaches. For the off-season, register for the Strength Training Program or Running Training Program. Each online training program contains detailed instructions with video demonstrations. The training focuses on strength and running as well as a variety of specific training. There is a specific physical focus for each week over six weeks. Stay fit in the off-season by registering for online training programs prepared by One on One Football. View the training programs at

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