AFL Coaching Drills to Improve Your Child’s Skills
Posted on 15/03/2019

AFL football is a very popular sport in Australia, and is considered one of the fastest sports in the world. One of the many reasons for its continuous popularity is the strong participation among children.


In order to get your kids more involved in this dynamic and home-grown sport, have a look at some of these drills below.


AFL Coaching Drills


Kids who are under 12 should focus on the game fundamentals such as handballing, kicking, and marking. But before proceeding into activities and drills, it is always important to do some warm-ups. They can run a short 50-metre lap around an oval for a start. And then run on a specific spot and perform a few jumping jacks for at least 3 minutes.


Kicking. To improve your child’s kicking skills, let them kick the ball between two big sticks that are placed in the middle of the goals.


As a parent, you can decide on how far from the goal square the starting point is. Follow a set shot style by giving your kid a twenty to twenty five to second preparation time before dropping and kicking the ball toward the goal. If they can kick five out of ten goals successfully, they are tracking well.


Another way to exercise kicking is to kick the ball while on the run. Let your kid run towards you with the ball in hand, while waiting behind the goal posts to receive the ball. Allow them five to eight steps before kicking it towards the goals. If your child can make five out of ten goals, again they are on track to replicate this in a game.


Marking. In football, it is important to mark the ball both overhead and on the chest. One way to mark is to throw the ball to your child and let them catch the ball before it hits the ground.


This AFL coaching drill should be performed in eight repetitions for two sets - one for overhead and one for chest marking.


Stand with your kid 15 metres apart, then throw the ball and encourage them to mark on their chest eight times. Once the footy has been thrown eight times, you can take a sixty-second break before starting a new set.


Chest marking is predominantly used for wet weather football and we encourage players to mark the ball out in front. Practice this by kicking the football to your child as they walk towards you. Their hands should be out in front in line with their eyes. Move eyes and head behind the ball. A good habit to get into is to get them to stare at the ball for two to three seconds after they mark the ball.  Do this ten times, after this the players can run towards the football, trying this at higher intensity like a game.


These are just some of the AFL coaching drills to improve the football skills of your kids. To learn more, contact today!

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