AFL Coaching Drills: Establishing Training Effectiveness
Posted on 19/12/2019

Football coaches surely want to make AFL training drills beneficial for their team to enhance their players' skill in the sport. However, if the players lack focus at training, they might establish bad habits during a game. During the warm up for a training session, players can sometimes lack the purpose or intent that they have on game day. Not only does this result in a less productive training session but it leaves 'match day intensity' un-rehearsed. As a coach, it is important to try and emulate match day conditions and perform drills that will require competition level focus. 

If you notice these poor habits during a training session, you might need to change your approach towards practices and identify the critical points to improve their capabilities. Consider these questions as your guidelines:


1. Is there a way to strengthen their football attitude?

Get acquainted with each of your players’ and try to understand their approach to training, allowing you to engage their focus early in the session. A good coach will be able to think on their feet and adjust the session on the spot. If focus is the issue, adding a competitive element to your training drills can often be a good way to reign in their attention.


2. Am I doing quantity or quality training?

Quality should be the initial focus early in the training schedule... once quality of training has been acheived, adding volume (quantity) is a great way to test the footballer's skill endurance!


3. Develop Elite Habits

As their football coach, your role is to establish training effectiveness by providing direction for training. Once they understand the drills, it is up to the footballer to maintain these habits throughout their training. 


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