The Advantages of Getting an AFL Coaching Accreditation
Posted on 04/03/2020

Coaching Australian Rules Football may seem like a walk in the park but to be recognised nationally, you need to have an AFL coaching accreditation. There are 3 levels of AFL coaching accreditation, level 3 being the most advanced. Each course comes with a higher level of understanding and expertise in football tactics and coaching mehtods.


So what are the advantages of being an accredited AFL Coach? 


  1. Personal development. As is the case for any profession, keeping up to date with the best in the industry is a great way to  ensure that you’re bringing your clients (footballers) the best information and coaching that you can.

  2. You learn what your responsibilities are as a coach. Your players’ welfare (both mentally and physically) should be of highest priority. Equal to that of success and winning games. 

  3. You are creating a program with a qualified, thoughtful, and competent coaching system for your players. You increase your knowledge in other areas of athlete development (strength and conditioning, rehabilitation etc.). This allows you to integrate better with support staff that footballers deal with, resulting in a much more effective development system.

  4. Get the chance to coach in the AFL, state leagues, AFL Academies, or other elite programs in Australia. Accreditations are valuable and in most cases, necessary to be considered for high level coaching roles across the country (including One On One Football). It gives employers the peace of mind that you are up to date on coaching techniques and philosophies. Combine this with experience and you are on your way to being the best coach you can be. 


Remember, a coach plays an integral part in every player and every game. As aspiring AFL coaches, you should seek to be accredited, whether you're paid or in a voluntary position. An AFL coaching accreditation is a perfect illustration of your commitment to the game. Get accredited now, and start your coaching career with One on One Football. We are excited about your coaching career as you embark on your journey with us. 

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